Kid Rock made his first-ever hole-in-one in the front of one of the finest golfers of all time


Making your first hole-in-one in a actual golf direction is a momentous event. Sure, it’s amusing to hit the ball via the clown’s mouth and win a unfastened game at the mini-golfing and arcade, but that’s not anything in comparison to the feeling of doing it at a legitimate, grown-up golf course and not using a clown’s mouth insight.

Kid Rock, everybody’s favored “Bawitdaba,” uh, “singer,” observed a way to conquer that feeling. Because he hit his first-ever hole-in-one in front of one the greatest golfers to ever walk the Earth: the mythical Jack Nicklaus.

Kid Rock become golfing at Nicklaus’ Bear Club direction in Florida whilst he hit his ace. No one came recording when the ball went in, but it looks as if Nicklaus was recording whilst Kid Rock retrieved his ball.


It’s tough to trust that Kid Rock could ever do anything that would be labeled as historically “adorable,” but watching him wave and acknowledge the invisible crowd as he grabbed his ball became pretty endearing.

If Kid Rock and the 18-time most important champion didn’t simply meet at the path that day. They have regarded each different for several years. Kid Rock participates in superstar golf tournaments, along with one who’s played in a direction that Nicklaus designed himself, the Bass Pro Shops Legends of Golf. Nicklaus likes to name Kid Rock using his real name, Bob Ritchie.