Mad Ox Games & Comics to Close in London, Kentucky – Main Street Games & Comics to Open


I am retiring. It’s my time. And, as such I am going to settle my debts with providers, sell my inventory and most of my personal collections and holdings to the new keep proprietor, who is establishing a shop in London, KY, on the way to be referred to as:

Main Street Games & Comics, LLC.
1106 South Main Street
London, KY 40741

We will service your Comic Subscriptions at our cutting-edge region on Hill Street till the end of February. After that, your subscriptions and new comics might be to be had at the brand new keep.

Mad Ox Games & Comics to Close in London, Kentucky – Main Street Games & Comics to Open 1

They might be established on March 1st, if no longer in advance. We will be shifting fixtures and stock to their region beginning this week. Worried? Don’t be. Kristin, Haylee, Devlin, Derrick, and Andrew might be the same retail group at the new keep. You simply gained’t see me there, plenty. I am taking an element-time job to ease the transition for ordering video games and comics and teaching the brand new proprietor the ropes.

We are shifting all current comedian subscribers to the brand new store. By the present day, I mean all pull clients who are not antisocial in picking up comics. Since they’re retaining my entire team of workers, you’ll see Kristin, Derrick, Devlin, Haylee, and Andrew inside the new keep, coping with your subscriptions and such. The same remarkable group, identical wonderful provider. No interruptions of comic subscriptions.

If you do not desire to have them continue your comic subscription, merely let me know with the aid of email or Facebook message, and I could have them cast off you.

The furniture and products that the brand new owner no longer take could be offered at discounts to SHOCK you, so you are available regularly and spot what is on sale. I have heaps of fixtures or even gaming tables we can be selling. Currently: All New & Back Issue Comics, even the expensive stuff within the showcases, are 50% off. Yeah, substantial financial savings available properly now on COMICS.

We aim to be out of this location no later than February 28th, so I am inspired to transport or sell the whole thing. Let me realize if you are interested in shopping for chairs, shows, racks, or maybe a number of the custom Gaming Tables we had made.

To solution a few questions:

Tokens for store credit are redeemable up till May 31st of this 12 months. I am retiring because of health problems and my choice to spend time with my grandchild, tour to peer my oldest son, and go fishing this summer. I could be operating for the new store a few hours each week, supporting the new proprietor learn to do orders, and so on. After that, I will handiest be doing the stay income every day, or some days.

While the new store is smaller, they will still be wearing all of the high-quality gadgets, along with D&D and Pathfinder, Magic, Pokemon, and Yugioh, as well as board video games and miniatures. Comics and Graphic Novels can be improved. There may be a devoted to gaming space. Many new products can be added.

These are thrilling times for the crew here. I hope you’re excited about them. The new region, within the same plaza as Masters Donuts, has an awful lot higher visibility. Hope to see you on the gaming tables.

Remnants of objects in the shop the brand new owners will now not have room to transport to the brand new region will be liquidated. We have arranged for an auctioneer to are available on February 26th and make a public sale of all closing inventory, fixtures, and tools. This will start at NOON on Tuesday, February twenty-sixth. If you’re interested in top-notch deals, on the way to be the day to be here!!