Mic’d up Mookie Betts works via golfing swing instructions all through live play


Spring training allows for all people in baseball to have a bit extra fun than ordinary. During a typical season sport, Red Sox outfielder and reigning American League MVP Mookie Betts would not speak to me approximately his golfing swing with the announcers while playing in the right area.

But that is spring training, so why no longer?

In the second inning, with two runners on, Betts changed into having a verbal exchange through his earpiece and microphone to the team calling the game. Betts’ golfing recreation got here up, and he has proven proper subject how he changed into lining up his swing.

The communique persevered with Betts once more, showing a visible, and in some unspecified time in the future, one in all his teammates have to have regarded lower back at him clueless as to what he turned into doing.


Betts didn’t break in any respect, letting his teammate recognize the whole thing become fine before continuing the breakdown of his chip recreation.

On the 0.33 pitch of the at-bat, even though the ball becomes hit into the corner, he needed to run it down.

Betts were given to the ball, threw it in, and as soon as he had a few seconds to regain himself, went proper back to his educational video on how you’re supposed to chip in golf.

At some stage, there were also his antics in a pitching exchange together with his outfield associates, including Jackie Bradley Jr.’s tennis swing.