MS Dhoni- the cricketer and the enigma


Driving a black Land Rover internal Ranchi’s JSCA International Stadium, he posed like a man round the corner. This captivating guy at the wheel, MS Dhoni, can be a cricketer of the high station some other place; however, Ranchi is his courtyard wherein he’s untouched via sportsmen’s razzmatazz and enjoys transferring approximately unescorted. If the Ranchi ODI had been to be Dhoni’s very last healthy at home – and that is assuming he has no incentive to play on after the World Cup – believe him to no longer make the event theatrical. There could be no waving or a farewell gesture at his excited home crowd, which can’t have sufficient of him while he plays right here.

For MSD, it is going to be a typical day at paintings. His cricketing days are rapidly winding down; however, what the actual Dhoni is like stays a confusing question. He intrigues us with his silence. His restraint, while his peers on the sector are reputedly living on the threshold, is hypnotic. To his buddies, these unusual traits are steadily making sense. Dhoni won’t have said it in as many words, but they get the go with the flow of his concept: ‘You don’t develop in any sphere if you can’t manage your feelings.’ “He’s so detached,” says Satya Prakash Krishna, former Jharkhand and Railways cricketer, who’s a near buddy of Dhoni.


“Sometimes, it seems as although he has reserved the complete day to be with us. When we’re geared up to depart, with our backs dealing with very different, he won’t provide us a 2d look. His capacity to replace off is exquisite,” Satya Prakash adds. An enigma Over the years, there have been futile attempts to hack the password to his thoughts. In 2008, all through a conference before an ODI series in Sri Lanka, he changed into visible sketching random shapes on a writing pad. The keen media, their creativeness tickling using the minute, waited for him to go away in the desire that they might interpret a few cryptic codes on those stray lines.

How they were left disappointed. MSD had not handiest taken that paper with him; he tore apart the last pages too on the way to defend in opposition to misadventures. If his personal friends didn’t have access to his inner sanctum, what danger did others have? Not simply that, he’ll zealously protect the distance of those he revers. In the middle of a series in opposition to Sri Lanka in 2008, a friend of his, Deepak, desired to fulfill Sachin Tendulkar. “We had a luxurious meal in his room after an ODI in Kolkata was known as off due to awful weather. Dhoni cautioned that he ought to set up a meeting with Sachin to foot the bill that surpassed a hint over Rs sixteen 000. Deepak’s face turned faded when he was asked to foot a portion of the invoice as a part of the Tendulkar deal.

Of course, Mahi becomes joking. It changed into handiest when we left that he took Deepak aside to inform him why his request changed into sacrilegious inside the first region. Sachin doesn’t meet everybody informally. Nobody intrudes his mind space, for Tendulkar might be visualizing his batting or creating proper conditions in his mind,” says Satya Prakash. Interestingly, for a person so measured, he can be obsessively superstitious. Seldom ever will you locate his bat without an orange grip? To this date, he hasn’t batted sporting complete-sleeve shirts.

In the 2011 World Cup, no longer as soon as did the guidance keeping wickets at nets. He has to have a mandatory hair reduction after every series. If on occasion, he doesn’t sense like schooling, he manically pushes himself to instruction tougher. “He believes that weariness is an obstacle that’s created using a hidden pressure which ought to be destroyed,” Satya Prakash famous. “Once in 2003, Dhoni couldn’t make himself available for an in shape involving us, South Eastern Railways Sports Association, and Central Coalfields Ltd at Sayal, as a result of a hand injury. So miffed was Mahi with himself that he tore open the plaster. I recollect he opted to play an insignificant membership healthy for Shyam Bazar in 2006 with an excessive bout of fever but cracked a doubleton.”