PUBG-addict adolescents stabs sister’s fiance after minor spat


Kalyan: While the government is but to act on numerous pleas through dad and mom, teachers, and students approximately the toxic video game PUBG, the digital room-based recreation continues to pressure the youths loopy. There had been court cases by way of dad and mom that school-going kids appear to be heading off take a look at, shirking paintings that requires awareness and seen handiest gambling (PUBG) video games. As in every other addiction, here too the victims haven’t any clue that they’ve fallen prey and display signs and symptoms of restlessness, frustration and even violence in actual life. In one such case that has come to mild in Kalyan metropolis close to Mumbai, a 27-yr-antique guy has stabbed his sister’s fiance after a virtual gaming clash.

According to the police, 32-12 months-antique Om Chandrakishor Bavdankar, who lives in Ambernath, had currently gotten engaged to a girl who lives in Kalyan. On February 6, Om reached Kalyan to satisfy her at her residence at round 9.30 pm. After dinner, Om commenced working on a computer. Post midnight, this is on February 7, (at round four am), the fiance’s brother Rajnish Rajbhar (27-12 months-antique) lower back home.

Rajnish Rajbhar had apparently been gambling a PUBG recreation online on his mobile which had now run out of price. Not looking to lag behind at the ranges of the game, Rajnish Rajbhar frantically looked for his cellular charger however observed that its wire were damaged. He additionally allegedly kicked the own family’s canine in anger.

In a fit of rage, Rajnish then fetched a knife from the kitchen and reduce the cord of his sister’s computer charger. Seeing this, Om Bavdankar intervened and wondered Rajnish’s movements. “Why did you cut the computer-charger-cord? I could have delivered you a new charger. Your mother and father opened a mobile save for you and you’re usually playing a cellular recreation within the night time and dozing inside the day. How will you run the enterprise?” Om reportedly asked Rajnish.

After that, Rajnish have become greater violent and allegedly stabbed his sister’s fiance Om with a knife.