Report claims 2.4bn people will play cell games in 2019


The word ‘interest economic system’ has been at the lips of many track-industry human beings for years now, as we realize that tune is competing for attention with video games, video-streaming, and other forms of virtual leisure. That’s one of the motives Music Ally often writes approximately the mobile games market – every other being that there are possibilities for collaboration between that world and ours.

Anyway, a brand new record through Newzoo, commissioned with the aid of games publisher Activision Blizzard, gives a few new large numbers on cell gaming. “This yr, the entire global video games market will generate revenues of $148.1 billion, with cellular contributing to just less than half of this quantity,” claims the file. “2.4bn humans will play cell video games round the sector in 2019.”

Mobile Games

The file is aimed mainly at brands who might want to spend money advertising inside games – cue sentences like “many patron brands may want to boom their marketing muscle, direct revenues, and extra via genuinely paying attention to and targeting this precious target audience.” Here’s an exciting point, though: Newzoo says that 50% of cellular app users play games – precisely the same percent as individuals who use tune/audio apps. Both are the handiest behind shopping (fifty-six %) and social media (67%) for this metric.

There’s plenty more excellent information on who’s playing cell video games and the way in the record, together with the claim that Candy Crush Saga (owned by Activision Blizzard, mind) remains being played through 35% of cell game enthusiasts – way beforehand of second-positioned Pokémon Go, Fortnite and Angry Birds (all 19%).