Mock-Ups Show What Google’s Video Game Controller Could Look Like


In overdue January, Google filed patents for a video game console controller, marking just one step main up to a predicted March 19 reveals of a Google online game console announcement. Now the mock-united states of the Google recreation console controller have seemed online, perhaps giving enthusiasts a sneak height of the March 19 event.
The controllers have a squared shape with somewhat sharp edges. They could even be described as similar to the Android console Ouya’s controllers. The patent’s controller examples have a mile another rounded controller surface across the perimeters and lower back, even though the pill-shaped faceplate and button placement may be very tons the same. The differences are within the sharp edging and corners at the grip. The patent’s controller is possibly more much like the PlayStation’s Dualshock 4 on the subject of its handhelds.

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What the mock-united states do pretty nicely provides the controller with an intelligent, attractive paint process. The smooth grey end and the red/blue/green/yellow color scheme with black accents are very sharp. Not only does it control to seize current button coloring strategies utilized by Xbox and others, but it also retains consistency with Google’s logos and branding.

The ergonomics of the mock-up might actually be in question with its great corners and edging. However, Google’s patent seems an awful lot more aware of hand consolation. For a ridicule-up, it’s an outstanding piece and could effortlessly be mistaken for the actual component.

These photos were mocked up by one Sarang Sheth of Yanko Design, primarily based on Google’s patent filings. To say that Sheth is passionate about the opportunities of Google coming into the video game marketplace might be an irony:

Sheth presumes that the controller, and probably Google’s upcoming console announcement, could be Project Stream targeted. That remains to be seen because the nature of Google’s video game plans has but to be unveiled. Yet, there’s no denying that Google’s entrance into the enterprise can shake matters up beyond all expectations. If Google is apparently going to introduce a streaming-only console, perhaps even beating Xbox to the punch, it could be a landmark second that ends in a paradigm shift in the industry.

Expect more great Google console and controller news on March 19 as Google gives a presentation regarding its online game destiny at the Game Developers Conference.