Amazon introduces Moments advertising device for cellular video games and apps


Amazon is launching Amazon Moments, which helps you praise customers in greater than a hundred countries on iOS, Android, FireOS, and other platforms.

With Moments, you don’t need to rely on stale cut prices to force retention and pastime in apps. This new solution makes it clean to provide specific rewards to clients who complete excessive-price moves that matter the most, along with renewing a subscription. If this sounds like a startup Kiip to you, you’ll recognize that rewards for sports are not a new thing.

But Amazon said the Moments tool is a flexible, go-platform packages programming interface (API) with an intuitive, committed console. Amazon Moments is already being utilized by TikTok, Bravo, Sony Crackle, Sesame Street, Washington Post, Disney Heroes, and extra.

Mobile Games

Until now, many organizations have been confined to giving in-app items as rewards or have been spending several times figuring out the way to source and satisfy physical rewards. With Moments, you may music movements in real-time, create targeted campaigns, and praise clients with virtual and physical products brought to their doorsteps.

For example, a video streaming service can encourage clients to look at the primary 5 episodes of a brand new show with the aid of
profitable them with a movement parent in their preferred man or woman or a couple of headphones.

“With Moments, Amazon is reinventing the manner companies method advertising and marketing by way of allowing them to turn engagement campaigns into worthwhile moments that power lengthy-term cost,” said Amir Kabbara, head of Amazon Moments, in a declaration. “Moments gets rid of complexity for developers by packaging praise programs right into a easy, self-service console that lets marketers installation campaigns quick without stressful about praise sourcing, management, or fulfillment.”

Moments uses a cost-in line with-motion (CPA) pricing version so that you simplest pay when users complete actions that count number to your commercial enterprise. A Moments marketing campaign has three core steps: 1) You set the movement or Moment you need to power, pick a product or a praise bundle, and integrate the Moment API. 2) Users interact and whole the motion on your apps and websites. And 3) Amazon distributes a praise URL and fulfills the rewards. Because Amazon handles the success, your clients can take advantage of Amazon features like two-day delivery for Prime contributors, tracking statistics, and extra. The Moments rewards catalog presents get entry to tens of millions of products together with some of Amazon’s most popular objects as well as reward packages like plush toys, giving your clients a choice to pick the lush they like maximum.

“We are increasingly more seeing entrepreneurs devote advertising and marketing spend to keeping their current clients engaged,” stated Aaron Rubenson, vice chairman at Amazon, in a announcement. “With Moments, we’ve made it easier for marketers to reward customers for taking significant moves, boosting engagement in a price-effective manner.”

Moments give entrepreneurs the power to pick out actions that assist them in attaining their goals. For instance, a fitness app might also choose a high-price movement like finishing 30 workout routines if they realize maximum customers who whole 30 workout routines hold using the app for six months and spend greater than $25 inside that length. A streaming video service can also choose a high-value movement like watching seven episodes of a popular display if most clients watch seven episodes pass to complete the entire display.