Captain’s Corner: Scuba Diving


This week on Captain-s Corner, Dan Pitchford takes us thru the Sub Aqua club right here at the University of Sheffield. Describe what sub-aqua is for us.

DP: Sub-aqua, or scuba diving, is an underwater recreation involving an air cylinder, regulator, mask, and fins. It’s a chilled non-aggressive game with a focal point on playing it slow underwater, recognizing flora and fauna, and exploring wrecks.

Is there a wide variety of skill tiers?

DP: There’s massive awareness of schooling and improvement for beginners taking over the game for the first time and getting comfortable in the water and skilled divers progressing their abilities.

How did you get into it?

DP: Before uni, I became an eager swimmer and enjoyed some water sports activities, including fin swimming and underwater hockey. I had usually wanted to have a cross at diving but had struggled to locate opportunities. I had no device and had no qualifications to try to move diving by myself. The uni sub-aqua membership allows me to be a part of a newbie and borrow a device to get commenced.

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Is there any detail of the competition? If so, do you compete in BUCS?

DP: No, there’s no competitive side to sub-aqua. The sport is achieved at a steady, relaxing tempo with a focus on taking within the attractions. There aren’t any dreams to be scored, no points to be won, or any finish strains to be crossed.

What is a society like?

DP: The society has a considerable blend of diving ranges from beginners taking up the game for the primary time to superior divers with 20+ years’ revel in. The club could be very welcoming and friendly, our members come from a wide range of nationalities and backgrounds.

What kind of equipment do you use?

DP: Scuba diving has some systems that may be daunting to use before everything and could be very luxurious to shop for yourself. Fortunately, the club delivers a high-quality package to borrow, which includes regulators, buoyancy wings, and tanks. The primary package value might be shopping for your very own dry healthy, which is around £400-£500.

How can human beings get concerned?

DP: The intake for the yr is in September, with the ‘Give it a Go’ attempt dives being an exquisite hazard to look if the sport is for you. The September consumption is the best chance for the year unluckily, but that permits all newbie divers to progress together. We ensure that nobody gets left at the back of in training and wouldn’t need a person to enroll in element manner via period and sense excluded.