I-League desires to play re-suit against Minerva Punjab at home


The All India Football Federation (AIFF) had announced earlier this week that there can be a rematch of the I-League tie among Real Kashmir FC and Minerva Punjab. The Punjab team decided no longer to journey to Srinagar for the healthy, which was earlier scheduled to be played on February 18, mentioning protection motives after the Pulwama terror attack.

Meanwhile, the Srinagar-based club has now popped out saying that it needs the fit to be performed only in Srinagar.

“It’s our domestic game, and the rematch will have to be in Srinagar handiest. The date may be labored out,” Chattoo instructed PTI.

“We could be replying to the AIFF in an afternoon or two. Under the protocol, we want to get all the required clearances from the government and the approximate security of gamers and officials. There is likewise probably to be a statement of preferred election dates by way of the Election Commission of India within the following couple of days. We have an in shape in Imphal on March 9 and permit it to recover from, and the dates of the re-suit need to be recognized using then.”

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On the opposite hand, I-League CEO Sunando Dhar has said that the federation turned into nevertheless watching for Real Kashmir’s authentic response about the choice of venue and date in advance of the rematch.

“We are anticipating Real Kashmir’s reaction. We are hoping to get it soon, after which we can decide at the venue and date,” Dhar told PTI.