Mother feeds video games addict, thirteen, after gambling for forty eight hours


A mother is going to an Internet cafe and hand-feeds her thirteen-12 months-antique son because he refuses to cease his forty-eight-hour gaming binge to consume.

A viral video of the Filipino mom and her son has reignited the debate on young people’s online game dependency.

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37-12 months-vintage Lilybeth Marvel first noticed that there has been something incorrect together with her son Carlito about two years ago. At the same time, he started out staying up overdue at an Internet cafe close to the own family domestic in Nueva Ecija, the Philippines.

Things got regularly worse as time went via, to the factor wherein the 13-12 months-vintage now spends days on quit along with his eyes glued to a reveal gambling his favorite ‘conflict royale’ video game, Rules of Survival. Last week, Mrs. Marvel has filmed handing over her son’s breakfast to the Internet cafe and hand-feeding him at the same time as he persisted in playing, due to the fact he had been there for over 48 hours.

“My poor baby… right here, consume now,” the involved mother may be heard telling the boy. “You have a lot of money; it would take till tomorrow which will get home. Do you still want to pee? My goodness, I just feel sorry for my baby. You are so demanding.”

The money she is regarding is the stack of coins in front of Carlito, which the maximum probably uses to fund his addiction at the Internet cafe. It’s unclear whether his parents gave him the money or acquired it using different means.

At one point, she attempts to take the cash, but he turns agitated and grabs her hand, not letting it pass till she puts the coins again on the table. Throughout the three-minute video, the 13-12 months-vintage barely recognizes his mother’s presence. He maintains his eyes at the reveal as he chews the food the lady places into his mouth.

The video has sparked a debate on online game addiction among teenagers and the mother’s managing scenario. While a few social media customers felt sorry for the girl, maximum blamed her for allowing her son’s dependency with the aid of hand-feeding him while he persevered gambling, in place of merely dragging him home.

After the footage went viral, the mom took to the Internet to explain that she and her husband had attempted a rough technique at the start by banning Carlito from going to the Internet cafe.

That didn’t exercise session in addition to what they’d was hoping, as the 13-yr-antique always located ways to sneak out, so now they’re looking to do things otherwise. They have pulled Carlito out of school because he had started skipping training to play video games. They are looking to recognize managing his addiction but admit that it’s miles tough and have pleaded online for the assist.