GAME ON: Fun sport for iPhone modeled after Jackson


JACKSON, MS (WLBT) – Welcome to Jackson is an iOS sport created using Mississippi local Mike Hardin. It functions items and road names you’ll generally see while driving thru the metropolis.

He created the sports years ago, but it merely picked up in reputation inside the last few days. “I to start with positioned it in the store around July of 2016. I attempted to push it a little bit, had a few downloads,” said Hardin. “For something motive, it began blowing up. I commenced getting questions on it, were given over 2,000 downloads because of the day past.”

“You play an alien named Buckley, and also you’re caught in Jackson; you’re trying to make your manner via the streets,” said Hardin. Buckley runs through numerous essential roads in Jackson, beginning on County Line Road and finishing on Lakeland Drive.

The game’s goal is to keep away from ordinary objects spotted in Jackson, like potholes and avenue barrels, at the same time as grabbing things like Krispy Kreme donuts and good tickets.

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Overall, Hardin stated the reputation is supposed to poke fun at the realities of living within the metro region. “Some of the components of Jackson which might be proper, bad, but additionally kinda humorous too, and I desired to position a humorous spin on it,” stated Hardin. “It’s not intended to be in a bad light. Just draw attention to some of the issues we want to work on in Jackson.”

In the game, you can alternate the tuned track that plays within the heritage. One of the songs is referred to as Shame, created using a nearby artist named T-Baby.

Hardin said he plans to create more games, and he isn’t definite, but if he’s going to make Welcome to Jackson to be had for Android users.