How Video Games Changed My Dating Life


Someone as soon as informed me my table at work seemed to find it irresistible belonged to a teenage boy. He’s proper. It’s strewn with video game memorabilia. They form a warm blanket of consolation after I’m sitting at my cubicle because video games are a big part of my life.

Naturally, it follows that video games would play a prominent position in my love life as correctly. But inside the actual global, dating is daunting. Sometimes, I’d find a capability companion. But seeking to spark updating after the cliché small speak was a one-manner price ticket to an awkward silence, shriveling up and retreating right into a darkish corner.

I had to make an alternate, so one time, I blurted out: “So do you like video games?”
When I was in high school, a boy told me that he would date me if I got rid of my mustache. It turned into a merciless shaggy dog story, and he said it loudly in a crowded playground. It wasn’t the worst issue ever stated to me at faculty, but I forgot that feeling of embarrassment which creeps up on me in probably romantic situations. It leaves me flustered and stiff.


I’m first-class interacting with men on a standard foundation, but I simply short circuit as soon as there is a touch of romance. I worked in a Chinese eating place, and on every occasion, I took an order from the adorable man who worked on the video save next door; I’d pass purple, stutter, and often gave him the wrong exchange. He has to have an idea I became lacking a few screws in my head.

And dating within the wild isn’t tons simpler. I’d meet new human beings at social gatherings, do the entire “What brings you here? What do you do? Where are you from” verbal dance earlier than my brain starts going into meltdown.

Do I ask what they had for dinner? Do they know that I’m a weirdo? Maybe I have to ask if they have any pets. Oh crap. I experience the awkward silence coming. ABORT. ABORT!

This is once I would shrivel up, make up an excuse, and slip away into a darkish nook to reboot.

I knew I had to make an alternate, so one time, in a rare moment of bravery, I blurted out to a guy I changed into talking to, “So do you want video games?”

“Yes!” he answered with a massive grin.

It right away gave me a sense of levity. I got here alive, and we ended up talking for a long time about what games we had been playing. Impassioned words flowed out of my mouth as I gesticulated enthusiastically. Nothing ended up taking place between us, but at the least, I determined a way to overcome my tension — and made a new buddy alongside the manner.

Since then, video games had been an exceptional ice breaker for me. It’s a topic I am obsessed with, and it inadvertently became a litmus check for ability relationships. I gravitate extra toward folks who do proportion the same pastimes as I, and gaming are right up on the list.

You can virtually be in dating with someone who doesn’t percentage your hobbies. But it makes existence less complicated if they do. I dated a guy once who dragged me away from video games to exit; he couldn’t apprehend why I’d spend hours watching a laptop screen.

I in no way need to undergo that again.

Once online dating exploded, it changed into easier for me to connect to new people, and there were more significant opportunities to head on dates. More regularly than no longer, I’ll pick the games arcade as a place to fulfill for a time. If I were given to understand the man or woman higher, I’d invite them over for video games, commonly Tekken or Street Fighter.

There are a few reasons for this:

It’s fun.
It kills first-date nerves because it offers you something to do.
You can learn a lot approximately any individual via looking at them play video games. Very critical.

Video games can carry out the best and the worst in humans. As soon as we took a date to the arcades, matters had been going properly till we sat right down to play Street Fighter. I became having a blast and beat him in the game. I regarded over, and he became carrying the sourest expression.

“Let’s get out of right here,” he stated in a solemn tone. We never noticed every other once more after that night time.

I’ve had men rage, venting their frustrations on the arcade system. I’ve had guys who’ve lost hobby in the game and might consciousness their attention on getting physical, possibly mistaking the night for an ‘Xbox and Chill’ session.

I’ve dodged some courting bullets way to video games.

I’ve also met some beautiful human beings through gaming who both have become near buddies or romantic companions. I still appearance back fondly at the years I spent playing World of Warcraft with certainly one of my boyfriends, bonding as we trekked through Azeroth.

I’m currently in court with a guy who watches my lower back in Towerfall, names discoveries after me in No Man’s Sky, and has stored my sorry arse multiple times in Overwatch. I treasure those recollections and am grateful that I actually have any individual to share my love of video games.

Let me make one component clean: being in a relationship isn’t always the entirety. Being single is apparently now not a terrible ailment that has to be cured swiftly. But for many of us, it might be exceptional to discover a kindred spirit. A partner in crime. A player 2 in the sport of existence.

I’ve been informed several instances that gambling video games get you nowhere — that it’s a waste of time, and I’m higher off making an investment my time on doing something efficient with my existence. I nevertheless don’t forget my mom telling me that I’ll in no way discover a husband if I do not stop playing video games because no guy likes a butch woman.

I respectfully disagree with those views. Video games have helped me in many aspects of my existence in greater approaches than I ought to imagine.

It may additionally help you locate someone who desires to press start to be part of your recreation.