Julia Gillard on tackling failure: Keep going even when faced with adversity


Last 12 months, the Indian women’s rugby group narrowly didn’t cut for the Asian Games. The players were dejected. Some of them had declined job offers, looking forward to being away gambling. It was a lose-lose state of affairs. The ladies have obtained a message of encouragement from a not-going source, former Australian prime minister Julia Gillard. Gillard is partial to Aussie Rules Football (footy), a recreation with a comparable ball and physicality as rugby, even though with one-of-a-kind rules.

She additionally leans on footy and rugby players in her paintings for a mental fitness foundation in Australia. Speaking to ETPanache during an occasion in Mumbai, Gillard said, “I recognize that it’s now not a clean element for brand spanking new competitions to be set up for girls and for them to be taken seriously. So, my message [to the Indian team] would be that though it takes a whole lot of perseverance [to keep going], many girls will make the appearance as much as them and how they address adversity.”

Asian Games
Gillard, fifty-seven, performed hockey as an infant (badly, she says). But Aussie Rules became the pinnacle game within the kingdom she grew up in — South Australia. “This turned into earlier than Aussie Rules have become the large countrywide game it is now,” Gillard stated. “Then Australia was divided into states that had been predominantly inquisitive about Aussie Rules or rugby league.

I grew up in South Australia; inside the years, while football becomes, without a doubt, local, while your sports teacher in college could be a football participant. So, it becomes a natural element to broaden interest in Aussie Rules.” The Western Bulldogs is Gillard’s favored team. It is primarily based on considered one of Melbourne’s difficult neighborhoods — Footscray. “It has been a historically deprived region. I recognize the resilience and experience of the network that keeps the team going,” Gillard said.