Network Ten to reveal all Wallabies’ Rugby World Cup video games on loose-to-air TV


Network 10 will host free-to-air insurance of this yr’s Rugby World Cup in Japan after securing broadcast and virtual rights, along with living streaming and capture-up. On pay-for-view, Fox Sports will display all forty-eight suits of the six-week event from 20 September live on a dedicated channel with Kayo Sports to move the insurance on call for.

As part of Ten’s deal, it will broadcast 10 of the friendly games stay, including every Wallabies recreation, as much as and which include the very last. Network head of sports Matt White says Australian viewers may also enjoy viewing suits in high time.


“For Australian fanatics, the first-rate component is that fits can be performed in a rustic with a similar time-region,” he stated.

“The event fits perfectly into our agenda, complementing other essential sporting events in our calendar.”

Meanwhile, Fox’s World Cup channel will include in-shape previews, each day highlights, and archived games from previous variants of the event.

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