Women’s soccer gaining momentum in Finland


Ever since English sailors first added football to Finland inside the Nineties, the passion for the lovely sport has persevered to develop within the northern European nation. Nowadays, football even tops ice hockey in various registered gamers – mainly amongst women and women – characterized via skyrocketing enthusiasm.

In collaboration with FIFA Forward, the Finnish Football Association (SPL) has been dedicated to inspiring and fostering this growing interest. Through ladies’ soccer development initiatives, the SPL has – at the same time with the FIFA Forward program – began developing 3 extraordinary projects concerning girls coaches mentoring, management programs, and women’s league club improvement and advertising and marketing.


To raise the level of ladies’ soccer and improve the technical quality of play, experienced and qualified coaches were selected to expand and lead the projects. The SPL worked in near co-operation with the community of coaches in the country’s women’s league and commenced organizing instructional workshops, with the extra opportunity to plot coaching workshops overseas on a yearly basis.

“Ex-gamers are a completely vital group to help and encourage girls to preserve playing football,” explained Marianne Miettinen, head of overall performance for U-19 women’s head coaches at the SPL, who delivered “most ladies don’t assume they would be qualified sufficient to grow to be a coach, that’s why empowering and encouraging them is crucial.

“In 2017, we educated 5 greater mentors to start one countrywide and five nearby mentoring groups. There may be selected potential woman coaches from the local surroundings for the country-wide organization, 5 to ten coaches for each group this year.

“Thanks to FIFA’s assist, we believe this task will leave a protracted-lasting legacy, and we can keep growing our players’ improvement plan in the imminent years for the duration of the membership excursions we’re assignment in spring and autumn. Personally, I’m continually proud whenever a young participant joins the countrywide crew. That’s the legacy this project is leaving at the back of.”

The Finnish girls’ soccer group now has some players who’re considered a few of the great in ladies’ football, together with Laura Osterberg Kalmari, Sanna Valkonen, and Anne Mäkinen. Hopefully, through the effect created by those new development initiatives, more girls will start dreaming and believing that someday they may additionally grow to be stars of the country-wide crew like their modern heroes.